The Studio

We record within a mac based system, running Logic, Nuendo and Protools using a state of the art Allen and Heath Mixing Desk with warm Pre-amps and British eqs.


We also have range of valve condenser mics for great warm vocal sounds.



We are able to provide 4 stereo headphone mixes so each band member can have a different mix, along with this we boast a 6m x 6m control room for mixing a mastering.



Up to 200 tracks of audio can be overdubbed and mixed and we can record 24 tracks simultaneously whilst monitoring it back with no latency.



Some of the services we provide:



*Mulitrack Recording (Digital or Analog)


*Audio Mixing and Mastering


*CD Duplication


*Experience Days (Coming Soon)


*Surround Sound Mixing for Film


*Equipment Hire



For prices please see ‘Rates’ page or ‘Contact Us’


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